Marking High Tide, David Lam Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Marking High Tide was created as a visual terminus to Pacific Boulevard before it turns to the east through Concord Pacific Palce and past David Lam Park. It is at the water edge next to the Seawall Walk and becomes an interesting feature as the tide nears its high water mark. Visitors offten stop to watch as the tide comes in and meets one of the stepped concrete blocks. at the moment it crests over the block it creates a square ripple of water that quickly culmunates at the centre with a tiny splash

This sculpture was inspired by two Asian experinces. The first influence comes from many years many years ago when I visited the Itsukushima Shrine at Miyajima, Japan. I was aware of the importance that was given to the Torii gate placed out in the bay and not on the land. In a subtle and minor way this structure does the same for this place. Like Torii at Miyajima the columns come out of the water at high tide and are no longer part of the land.

The second is from my experience with Chinese Gardens and appreciation for the natural rock as sculpture. Their gardens use the Tie Hue Rock which is from Tie Lake near Suchou in China. The granite rock in this piece is from this site and is the element of focus for the structure to invite us to look at it in it character and form and is there in hopes that we will in time learn to appreciate the beauty in our natural rock.

In homage to the tides I wrote a poem that wraps the inside of the curved beam at the top.

As the moon circles the earth the oceans responds with the rythm of the tide.”

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8 Responses to Marking High Tide, David Lam Park, Vancouver, B.C.

  1. gerda pyper says:

    re: Marking High Tide
    I was most taken with this sculpture! As i circled underneath the round to read the inside of the sculpture I felt it was a truely interactive piece… and the words … “as the moon circles the earth the oceans responds with the rhythm of the tide””…(and I responded by circling the interior walls of the sculpture to read the words) and my son tells me that the interior base of the circle fills with the movement of the tides. .. at the moment the tide was out…but soon would be filled again…. How beautiful!
    … I felt as if i was part of it all. Congratulations Don Vaughn! … this piece is a masterpiece and should be famous as a highlight of the City.

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  3. Matt Vogt says:

    Hi Don, check out this photo edit I did of your installation 🙂 My dog and I like running through the steps, this one was taken a few nights ago at hightide, very awesome spot man! (moon was obviously photoshopped in). Cheers!

    • Don Vaughan says:

      Matt, I used your photoshopped picture on my web site and have had many comments. I think it is fantastic. It dramatized the whole story better than words can. Thanks for it.

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